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About Kimathi Care


My name is Kimathi Card, and I am a certified massage therapist and holistic practitioner. As an individual who has overcome many obstacles, including obesity, high blood pressure, multiple addictions, and a heart attack, I bring a unique perspective to my work that helps me connect with clients and guide them in their own journey to better health. Through training and various techniques I have changed my lifestyle and was able to lose 150 lbs, improve my overall health, and change my outlook on life. I studied mas¬sage therapy, became a Qi Gong Master and published a book about my journey to better health. I would like to share my knowledge and experience in recovery, weight loss, nutrition and balancing every day stresses.

Growing up, I faced many challenges, such as dyslexia and hearing loss. Also at the age of fifteen I loss my sense of smell. As a teenager, I responded to these challenges with negative behaviors – I turned to drugs and partying, and soon found myself battling multiple addictions. However, after suffering a heart attack at 35, I realized I had to turn things around. I first dedicated myself to improving my own health, and then decided to focus on helping others by following my passion for bodywork, health and wellness.

During my holistic training, I discovered the true root of my potential and the healing power of the body. I studied Qi Gong, which allows individuals to move negative energy out of the body for the sake of healing. Through various resources such as acupuncture and meditation I was able to release the patterns, feelings and actions that were not working for me. I took this new-found peace, learned to find healthier roads to happiness, and applied these approaches to my daily life.

In 2003, I became an American Qi Gong Master, and felt honored to be able to share a process with others that has helped me so much. My goal is to share what I have learned and guide clients through the process of designing wellness plans to fit their specific needs.