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1 for 1 the book


1 for 1The key to Healthful Living and a Better You


“I lost 170 lbs. and kept it off.”
Kimathi’s book offers you:
– 1 meal for your body
Nutrition your body needs
– 1 meal for your mouth
Entertainment your palate enjoys
– Cleanse safely
Understanding the digestive process
– Negative energy (fat, fluid, gas) release
Recognize and remedy cause of weight issues using
– All natural products
Enjoyable daily activities and holistic treatments
– Resulting in a healthy trinity of mind, body and spirit
It’s Easy… Safe… and Efficient!

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Cycles of Wellness

Cycles of Wellness is a program that adjusts to the cycles of one’s life. It is a system of checks and balances which recognizes and remedies all aspects of life. This is based on the subconscious and pleasure regions of one’s brain – cleansing bad energy and replacing it with good, putting the body into motion safely. This is for the beginner to professional. The only thing that changes is the amount of help required daily, weekly to monthly. One’s progression and vitality forces one to continue.

One must remove all blockages and aspects of negative energy in one’s life. Once you have found inner peace and balance are found – health follows.
• Pinpoint and remove blockages, emotional & physical
• Combination East-West modalities
• Group or 1-on-1 session
• Fun, safe, and easy
• Goals that are achievable
• Maximize diet, sleep, workout
• Break addictions
• Cleanse safely
• Achieve body – universe connection
• Restore organ function

My Story

Created after my near death experience, it was vital for me to increase my qi (energy), heal my body and maintain control of my direction. Permanent success is founded on reality of the now, vision of the future and the proper guidance.

My reality at the time, was that I loved everything that was nearly killing me. I knew right from wrong, but compulsion, overwork, poor diet, excessive luxuries and laziness were my friends. The thought of having to make up for all of the time I spent living in an improper manner scared me – but death scared me more. I envisioned myself being totally healthy and researched the people who reached the same goal that I wanted to achieve. I realized slow was easy and easy was fast. I figured the only thing that sticks with me are the things in my subconscious mind. I then, devised a program to stimulate the body with healthy activities coupled with less consumption of bad activities. To speed the recovery process, I creatively built a team of health care professionals who were open to learning my problems. I maximized my diet, sleep and mental capability by also evaluating my emotions – which philosophy then became my signature credo of the holistic trinity of mind, body and spirit.